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Adnrew Orange


AI SW Engineer

With experience in Development with IoT and ServerSide, had chance to familiarize with kernel and OS.Joined MoaData dealing with Data created from Computers, started analyzing Machine learning Data We are conducting research to improve AI performance by applying anomaly detection/classification/prediction models and algorithms to actual ICT infrastructure and deriving results.

Adnrew Orange


AI UI/UX Engineer

Joined MoaData since the future of technology is Big Data and AI.In charge of UI/UX team's BigData Visualization, enables easier access to vast Data.We plan to increase the proportion of ElasticSearch and expand our growth spectrum as we gain more experience with advanced work at the technological inflection point

Adnrew Orange



I'm Park Kwang Min and I joined the diversification of healthcare with AI Technology. Planning anomaly detection and prediction service and implementing our own BM shows that our projects are always a challenge. Real-time variable detection and anomaly prediction makes me feel proud of the future technology.


We strive for the concentration of work and pleasant convenience.
Prepare autonomous workspace and create culture of work

Meeting room

Creative Zone



Communication room

Moa cafe



Provides autonomy and welfare for working hours and spaces.
Grow together with MoaData's Future value

Provides a work place for efficient and convenient work

For efficient work environment with creative and flexible thinking, cafeteria, phone booth, fitness room, creative zone, and others are provided.

Operation of the time difference commuting system.

The time difference commuting system is operated for the autonomous and responsible working environment of employees
(between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.)


In addition to the 10% team incentive of the basic annual salary, additional incentives are available based on team performance each quarter.

Support for TEAM Communication activity expenses

Performance of an organization comes from teamwork!
Support team communication activity expenses for communication and teamwork within the team every month.

Supports Lunch Expenses

Even in the times of lunch inflation, we provide separate support for members' worry-free meals.

Company Foundation Day Holiday

On the occasion of MoaData's foundation anniversary, it is designated as a holiday to provide members with a chance to refresh.

Offers discounts on recreational facilities exclusively for our employees

To help you enjoy a comfortable rest without worrying, we offer a corporate name resort/hotel in 16 locations nationwide as a membership.

Long-term service and award of outstanding employees

For encouragement, gold bars, plane tickets, refreshing paid vacations (up to 15 days), and special rewards are provided on an annual basis (5/10/20 years).

Special Award for Outstanding Employees

As a special reward, we provide outstanding employees with a corporate recreational facility accommodation pass (3 days), a refreshing paid vacation (2 days), and transportation expenses.

In-house recommendation employment compensation payment

When the recommended person is hired, employment compensation will be paid to both the recommender and the employee after the trial period ends. (Reward up to $2,000 for recommenders and $1,000 for employees)

Loan support for employees

Loans are provided to improve the welfare of members and stabilize their lives, such as housing purchase and lease, hospital expenses, and student funds.

Support for celebration and condolences

To share joy and sadness, we provide condolence leave, condolence money, wreaths, and condolence products.

Support for self-development

We support the growth of our members and support job-related license acquisition costs, education and training costs, and book purchases.

Support for ccomputer peripherals

We support the growth of our members and support job-related license acquisition costs, education and training costs, and book purchases.

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