Beyond one's

Making Dream Technology Come True

Many Signs of Anomaly
Dangers all around us!
What if you can detect them in advance?

Danger sign Detection in advance around the world!

AI Based Technology which overcame
the limits of IoT Next-Generation
IT Management System

Intelligent ICT management by anomaly detection,
anomaly classification, cause analysis, response guide, etc.

Optimized for time series data
characteristics Improved
accuracy and efficiency with algorithms

Verified excellent performance through TTA performance test,
patent application registration, and thesis publication

PETAON Forecaster
AI Technology based Next Generation
IT Management System


Simplify your work with proactive failure
response through intelligent services.

Adnrew Orange


Operate secure products such as virtualization,
replication, and redundancy.

Adnrew Orange


All-in-one packaging for flexible and convenient

Adnrew Orange


Intelligent ICT management by anomaly detection,
anomaly classification, cause analysis.

Adnrew Orange

Personalized healthcare services
with health life log analysis

biological age measurement

Check your health condition through AI and
your biological age through your condition records.

Adnrew Orange

Disease/Cancer Risk Analysis!

Real-time physical changes are analyzed to
determine disease and cancer risk.

Adnrew Orange

Emergency detection and alerting

Prediction/warning of accidents or sudden
physical changes, shock, etc.

Adnrew Orange

Personalized Nutrition Management

Real-time bio-analysis of AI
confirms/manages insufficient nutrition.

Adnrew Orange

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