Every day


Health check, activity, and Daily health recordings with AI

AI meets Movement Patterns [: AI Analysis]

AI based health analysis prediction
based of Anomaly detection Analysis

With AI

Real-time Health check during your Everyday Life

Daily Record

Track and record your daily Health status with AI Technology

Every Day

Check your health pattern,
and find roots to keep yourself healthy

Everyday Activities[:Record]

Built to last with over 5 days of battery-life with perfect water/dust proof
will keep you on track of your health information

Every Life


Personalized healthcare services with health life log analysis

Biological age measurement

Check your health condition through AI and your biological age through your condition records.

Adnrew Orange

Disease/Cancer Risk Analysis!

Real-time physical changes are analyzed to determine disease and cancer risk.

Adnrew Orange

Emergency detection and alerting

Prediction/warning of accidents or sudden physical changes, shock, etc.

Adnrew Orange

Personalized Nutrition Management

Real-time bio-analysis of AI confirms/manages insufficient nutrition.

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Over 5 days of Battery-Life

The flop-fit ring operates for more than 5 days on a single charge so that you don't miss a moment.
Ultra-fast wireless charging allows more than half a day to run on a 15-minute charge.
FloFit may always be with you.

IP67 Rating

Perfect dust and waterproof of 1 meter for 30 minutes.
You can check everything in your daily life.

Easy charging cradle

All direction USB-C Type
Charging Cradle

High performance biosensor

Number of steps, calories consumed, distance traveled, travel time, heart rate, stress, oxygen saturation, sleep time and pattern can be measured

Robust Durability, Titanium

Light Weight but not Light in Durability
Titanium, which is used in aerospace materials, has high strength, excellent heat resistance, and is not toxic, so it's fine with sensitive skin.
The excellent toughness of titanium protects the product from impact.

FLOFIT details


15 number-25 number(2 number unit)


Black, silver, gold, rose gold


Low-power BLE 5.0, IP67 grade dustproof and waterproof, measure calories burned by movement, heart rate
measurement, blood oxygen measurement, sleep measurement, skin surface temperature measurement, fall detection

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